Just for your customers, and your business

We have a history of working with different institutions and offering many business services to workout their art restoration needs. With our expertise we can offer many solutions for you or your clients. With 87 years experience we know a thing or two about Fine Art restoration and we want to share that with your business and customers.

Our goal is to focus on making you and your customers needs as simple as possible, by offering reasonable prices, artwork transportation, flexible schedules, and a complete satisfaction guarantee. We believe that the happier your client is the more loyal customer you will have.

There are a range of services that we can offer your customers. We have restored all kinds of paintings, statues, tapestries, windows, and, frames over the years and have seen it all from natural damage to extreme aging. Paintings the size of a large cathedral to micro sized statues.

Our Services are for,

  • Government and Public Institutions

  • Religious Institutions

  • Art Services Companies

  • Framing Shops, Galleries, and Antique Shops

  • Insurance Companies

  • Interior Decorators

If you are looking for our business services to provide you with art solutions, you can email us directly at info@LanziniArt.com.

Our Southern California Studio

Lanzini Art Conservation Studio
Lanzini Art Conservation Studio
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