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Statue Conservation- Friendship Statue of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Irvine Terrace Park, Newport Beach

Restoration of friendship statue located at Irvine Terrace Park. Statue of Tokugawa Ieyasu was given to the city of Newport Beach as a gift from their Sister City Okazaki Japan in 2014. Presented by Yasuhiro Uchida.

The missing sword was carved in granite and reattached to the statue in a manner that is stronger than the original.

Henry Weekes Restoration

Statue Conservation- Seagulls in Flight, Corona Del Mar Public Library

This lovely statue was commissioned in 1960 to memorialize Molly McClintock, who passed away as a young teen. It was designed and sculpted by Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Cameron of Bonsall.

The sculpture was made from painted concrete, and has resided at the Corona Del Mar library since its conception. After many years of wear and tear, external damage, and faulty repair work leaving the statue in a poor condition, Lanzini art was commissioned to restore this art memorial. Utilizing methods to restore its mechanical integrity and beauty, the art work has been returned to its original integrity.


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