Church Interior Services

All Your Church Interior Needs Since 1927

A. Lanzini & Sons was started in 1927, and has been in church interior business ever since than. While now we simply call ourselves Lanzini Art Restoration, We continue to offer our expertise in designing, fabricating, and restoring church interior fixtures.

Stained glass windows and statuary, design, fabrication, and restoration are our specialty.

New murals and bronze works are also a long standing part of our business. Anything from full wall paintings to full wall mosaics, we can handle all your needs with 86 years of tradition and pride.

Notable Works

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral, Detroit, Michigan, Total Renovation
  • Mission San Juan Batista, Monterey, Restoration
  • Library of congress, Washington, D.C. Restoration
  • St. Agnes’s Hospital, Fresno, New design
  • St.Annes, Detroit, Michigan, Total Restoration
  • Mary’s of the Mountain, Virginia city, Nevada, Restoration
  • Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, Restoration

Design, Fabrication, and Restoration.

Our work has won awards, been in magazines, and one mural even hangs in the vatican museum in Rome.

We understand and specialize in working with small parishes where funds are not always available as larger city parishes.

We have proven that quality work and restoration can fit into any parishes budget.

We can work with you the Pastor, and parish committees to tailor fit your needs to make your church a beautiful house of God it was designed to be, while keeping your costs under control.

Please call us if you need assistance, or if you have any questions, we would be happy to meet with you at your church to discuss your needs.


Stained Glass

DSC00559-6 copy

Stained glass itself has an indefinite life span, but the associated components that comprimise a window such as the lead and wood frame have a finite life of approximately 40-100 years depending upon conditions.

The failure in these components lead to water infiltrating the framework of the church causing great damage to the underlying church structure in the form of dry rot and mold. Repairing these faults in the windows can be easily and reasonably accomplished by our studios restoration services.

During the restoration process we evaluate the damage to the frame and repair as necessary. The window is disassembled, broken panes, damage lead are replaced, repacked, cleaned. This is a simplification of the process.

Statue Restoration

Before:After Statue 2

Over the years beautiful statue its toll on your church, fingers break off, finish gets chipped and worn and the many cleanings to remove candle soot removes any luster the statue once had.

We have restored over 2000 statues, from simple cleaning and minor repairs to total renovation of statues that have fallen from their pedestal and broken into multiple parts. We have the artistic skills to take any statue in any condition and transform it into perfect, new appearing piece.

Our process is a tried and true method that hasn’t improved for centuries. We begin with an evaluation and quotation of the proposed work.

We will pick up your statues and start by a thorough cleaning and removal of all old paint. This is a laborious process but the only way to get a perfect result

We repair all damage, sand, primer, and paint apply all color by airbrushes and handwork. So the statues look like they are brand new.



Browsing though our site you might have noticed we have restored many beautiful murals for many entities. We have painted murals that adorn hundreds of churches and decorate countless business and residences, with emphasis on need classical design and incredible color.