Frame Repair and Conservation

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Broken Ornaments

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Re-Gilding of frame Ornament

We can provide new life to your antique picture frames. Frame repair is often necessary for an aging golden frame. Older frames often need cleaning, repair of broken ornaments, and conservation of the gilded surface.

Our framing services include making your worn, broken frames back to its original form. We repaint, strengthen, and refinish your frame while not breaking the bank.

We can reproduce any finish or gilding, we are true artists at recasting broken ornaments and streaghnthing frame corners.

Our Artists are classically trained at the royal academy of arts in venice, and have the talent, and creativity to complete your project with complete satisfaction.

  • Gilding

    All of our gilding utilizes the finest the finest gold or silver from Italy “Giusto Hanetti” leaf in 22k- 23k gold depending on appearance.

    Appropriate foundation and bole are applied prior to leafing for the look needed. Utilizing solid gold provides a finish that is shining bright forever and never requiring varnish or top coating. It is a time proven method that requires enormous skill and patients to get a perfect finish. We can expertly do size guiding or water gilding (smooth surface).

    We use either patent gold or loose sheets. The Gold is beaten by hand to get the exact thickness as it has been done for centuries. So beautiful it has been demanded for centuries.

  • Broken Ornaments

    Frame ornaments age over time and can sometimes become damaged in the process of moving and aging for many years.

    We have mastered through the generations the best ways to replace and restore ornaments on frames. We have experience with many types of frames with different designs and pattens, or frames that 200 years old or more.

If you have any questions please refer to our Frequent Question page.

Lion ornamental Reconstruction